List of Books - 2019-2020

Class - I

Sr.# Subject Name of Books Publisher
1 English Oxford Reading Circle Book 1 OUP
2 English Grammar & Usage 1 SAP Education Raheem Books Publishers
3 English Time to Learn Cursive Writing Book 1 Book Centre
4 Urdu Urdu (Book 1)  Cinque Terre Urdu Book Stall
5 Urdu میری اردو لکھائی-پہلی جماعت کے لئے Book Centre
6 Mathematics New Count Down 1 (2nd Edition)  Cinque Terre OUP
7 General Science New Oxford Primary Science Level-1 (2nd Edition)   Cinque Terre OUP
8 Social Studies New Oxford Nicholas Horsburgh (Revised Edition) Book-1   Cinque Terre OUP
9 Islamiyat Diniyat I   Cinque Terre PTB Depot
10 Art Art Mine Step 1 Gaba Educational Books
11 Computer Science Primary Standard Computer Class 1 Cantab Publishers
12 English Two Lined Note Book
13 Urdu Broad Lined Note Book
14 Mathematics Note Book with squares
15 General Science Two Lined Note Book (Inter Leaf)
16 Social Studies Two Lined Note Book (Inter Leaf)
17 Islamiyat Broad Lined Note Book
18 Computer Two Lined Note Book (Inter Leaf)
19 Student's Diary