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   Principal's Message

Welcome to Divisional Public School & College!

Divisional Public School & College (DPS&C), established in 1963 and since then, driven by DPS&C ethos, has striven to inculcate all positive values in its students and hence their families. A holistic approach to education is adhered to; whereby the student’s whole being is given importance. The academic, physical, social, psychological, and spiritual dimensions of the student’s personality are targeted. This is reflected in school policies and the related strategies and action. The College is, of course, a place where teaching and learning takes place. Faculty is not only present to teach academic subjects, but also to take a special interest in the student as an individual, with his/her strengths and limitations. The student comes to know and understand that he is valued as a person, and is therefore enabled and empowered, through his friends and family, to achieve his full potential and open him up to the world. A word of thanks and appreciation to all past and present students, families and staff, who have participated and/or are still participating in the life of the College, and make it what it is. May God, who is the initiator of all that is good, make this place even better with every rising sun!
Sqn. Ldr (R) M.A.Naeem Khan