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Brig. Khurram Mahmood Rana, PSC (R)

President Board of Governers List

Sr. # Name From To
1 Mr. Hammad Raza Jan,1961 Jun,1962
2 Mr. A.M. Khan Laghari Jun,1962 Sep,1962
3 Mr. Sher Afzal Khan Oct,1962 Nov,1963
4 Mr. Hidayat Ullah Khan Nov,1963 Mar,1965
5 Mr. Abu Nasar Khan Jun,1965 Jul,1966
6 Mr. Farid Ullah Shah Jul,1966 Feb,1967
7 Mr. Mukhtar Masood Feb,1967 Apr,1969
8 Mr. Mir Ajam Khan Apr,1969 Jun,1970
9 Mr. F.K. Bandayal Jul,1970 Apr,1971
10 Mr. Muhammad Siddiqe Ch. Jul,1971 Jun,1972
11 Mr. Asad Ali Shah Jul,1972 Sep,1974
12 Mr. Anwar Zahid Sep,1974 Nov,1975
13 Mr. Khalid Javeed Nov,1975 Aug,1977
14 Mr. K.Z. Durrani Aug,1977 Mar,1978
15 Mr. Khalid Ahmad Mar,1978 May,1979
16 Mr. Muhammad Afzal Kahut May,1979 Sep,1980
17 Mr. Ghulam Hussain Sep,1980 Oct,1980
18 Mr. Omer Khan Afridi Oct,1980 Nov,1983
19 Mr. Muhammad Saeed Mehdi Nov,1983 Feb,1987
20 Mr. Hafeez Ullah Ishaq Feb,1987 May,1988
21 Mr. Amin Ullah Chaudhry May,1988 Sep,1989
22 Mr. Shahid Rafi Sep,1989 May,1991
23 Mr. Tariq Farook May,1991 May,1993
24 Mr. Salman Siddique May, 1993 Aug,1993
25 Mr. Khalid Saeed Aug,1993 Nov,1995
26 Mr. Yousaf Kamal Nov,1995 Nov,1996
27 Mr. Salman Siddique Nov,1996 Mar,1997
28 Mr. Muhammad Athar Tahir Mar,1997 Jan,1998
29 Kh. Muhammad Naeem Jan,1998 Feb,1999
30 Mr. Abdur Rauf Chaudhry Feb,1999 Nov,1999
31 Mr. Shahid Najam Nov,1999 Feb,2002
32 Mr. Tariq Shafi Chak Feb,2002 Dec,2002
33 Mr. Khalid Sultan Dec,2002 Dec,2005
34 Mr. Muhammad Ijaz Dec,2005 Apr,2008
35 Mr. Sajjad Ahmad Apr,2008 Feb,2009
36 Mr. Khusro Pervaiz Khan Feb,2009 Jan,2011
37 Mr. Nadeem Hassan Asif Jan,2011 Jul,2011
38 Mr. Jawad Rafique Malik Jul,2011 Apr,2013
39 Mr. Nasim Nawaz Apr,2013 Jun,2013
40 Mr. Imdad Ullah Bosal Jun,2013 Oct,2013
41 Mr. Rashid Mahmood Oct,2013 Jan,2015
42 Mr. Abdullah Khan Sumbal Jan,2015 Jun, 2018
43 Dr. Muhammad Mujataba Piracha June, 2018 July, 2019
44 Mr. Muhammad Asif Balal Lodhi July, 2019 Nov, 2019
45 Mr. Saif Anjum Dec, 2019 Jul, 2020
46 Mr. Muhammad Asif Balal Lodhi Jul, 2020 Jul,2020
47 Mr. Zulfiqar Ahmad Ghuman Aug, 2020 Mar, 2021
48 Capt. (Retd.) Muhammad Usman Mar, 2021 Aug, 2022
49 Mr. Muhammad Aamir Jan Aug, 2022 Jan, 2023
50 Ch. Muhammad Ali Randhawa Jan, 2023 Apr, 2024
51 Mr. Zaid Bin Maqsood Apr, 2024